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The Services That We Provide.


There are dozens of investment options that Virtue Capital Management considers in our financial planning models.  Virtue chooses investment options based on extensive research and experience and combines the proper choices into portfolio sleeves for our Registered Investment Advisors to use to meet your needs.  VCM has a diverse range of models and investment strategies available to help maximize your portfolio earning potential.  Doing our due diligence first allows us to concentrate on your exact needs when we begin your financial planning process.



At Virtue, our advisors start with a few simple questions: Where are you right now? What is your retirement timeline?What are your goals? By reviewing your monthly expenses, tax situation, and other financial information, we have a baseline of knowledge to work from that helps us help you make smart decisions.


What are your goals?  A key part of financial planning is anticipating not only a client's monetary needs, but the goals that the client hopes to meet by increasing his or her earning potential.  What do you want to do in retirement? What education expenses would you like to plan for? How do you want to set up inheritances or charitable contributions from your estate?  These are all questions that Virtue Capital advisors consider when helping you choose a financial model that is right for you.



Based on your current situation and the goals you’ve set for yourself, our team will help you choose a model or blend of models that suits your needs.  Whether you’re ultra-conservative or very aggressive, Virtue has models for you and our team will explain the impact and risk involved in every scenario that we present.  Understanding your comfort level with risk is a key component in preparing your investment strategy.


Virtue advisors periodically reassess each portfolio. Aggressive at age 40, age 50, and age 60 can all mean different things to different people. No matter where you are in life, we're there with you, every step of the way.



It’s one thing to develop a financial or wealth management plan; it’s another to make sure it continues to be executed successfully.  Based on your short, medium and long range goals, Virtue Capital will closely monitor all aspects of each portfolio and make changes as we assess the current markets and the future outlook. As time goes by, your goals and needs may change, and we will work with you to ensure the plan and portfolios we recommend and implement are the best fit for your current situation.


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