Virtue Capital Management Support Team

Jeremy Rettich

Chief Executive Officer

James Webb

Chief Operating Officer

Matt Rettick


Shane Holder

VP of Advisor Development

Lars Anderson

VP of Business Development

Steve Cervantes

Chief Compliance Officer

Leslie Sanders

VCM Director of Operations

Jeremy Threlkeld

Advisor Development Specialist

Tim Mathieu

Director of Trading

Nathan Kattner

Compliance Officer

Megan Essing

Compliance Officer

Lacey Boyd

Director of Technology

& Advisor Relationships

Ty Boyd

Multimedia & Video


Clay Maddox

Business Development


Shawn Edwards

Business Development


Chris Rosado

Advisor Development

Team Support

Brandon Kearns

IT / Information Technology



Sam Ahern

Vice President of Strategic Relationships

Nikki Golden

Director of Accounting

Tai Bryant

Accounting Support

Kim Webb

VCM Operations Support

Sydney Westberg

VCM Operations Support

Danielle Daunt

VCM Operations Support

Davanny Rettich

VCM Operations Support

Abby Chapman

Receptionist  |  866.907.4275

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